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Milk Tea is one of the easiest and fastest drinks EasyWay Tea makes. It is made with creamer (milk powder), sugar, flavouring, tea, ice and water, and can be served with toppings at the customer's request, costing 60 cents extra. They are available in regular and large sizes only, costing $4.00 and $4.40 respectively (without toppings), and have a seal on them to prevent spilling. The drinks Pearl Milk Tea, and Taro Milk Tea have been listed for EasyWay's top six bestselling drinks, as they were said to be refreshing and mouth-watering with delicious creamer.

Milk Tea flavours EasyWay makes:Edit

Toppings Edit

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Any topping can be added to any milk tea for a price to 60 cents extra to the price of a regular or large size. You cannot buy the topping alone, also there are no choices of sizes as they are default and fill up about a third of the cup as the set level. These toppings are consumed by sucking them up in a large straw while drinking the tea, as the small straw cannot let the toppings through. Once in the mouth, customers chewed it and then swallowed the topping with the tea. Sometimes, customers are not careful when swallowing them, resulting in chocking. To warn the customer, EasyWay printed a precaution on their own cups, stating 'Caution: Be careful not to choke on toppings!'.